Students at Mahoning Elementary School presented a check to the Lehighton Public Library Wednesday, the result of a challenge from reading specialist, Marsha Long.

Long challenged the students at Mahoning Elementary School to read as many books as they could during the month of April.

"April is family and reading month," said Long.

Students accepted her challenge and ended up reading a total of 900 books during the month.

Because of their work, they were rewarded with a hat and shades dress-up day.

Eighteen students took an even greater challenge and received pledges for each book they read. The pledges earned by each student were then complied and presented to librarian Becky Wanamaker, of the Lehighton Public Library.

Wanamaker said that the money will be used to supplement the book budget.

"We'll probably try to focus on children's books because the money came from the kids," said Wanamaker.

The 18 students who accepted Long's challenge raised $418.25 for the library.