Carbon Career and Technical Institute's Valedictorian, Nicole Henry, can visualize her career options, and the picture is looking good from every perspective.

Henry, 18, of Palmerton, studied graphic arts at CCTI and is considering further study in engineering. "I'm interested in technology," she said. "I plan on going to Lehigh Carbon Community College."

Career options could include nanotechnology.

Her teacher, Michele Klock, is confident she'll be successful.

"She's very conscientious, very talented and creative. She has been a student who stands out to me because she always wants to do better she always wants to be challenged," Klock said.

"If she's doing something and she's got it down, she'll ask 'what else can I try?'. She definitely has a desire to learn, and I think she'll go far."

Henry enrolled at CCTI as a sophomore.

"I came up here on a field trip to visit in my freshman year. Graphics just really captured my attention. Everything they did looked so interesting to me," she said.

At the time, Henry wanted to become an animation artist.

"It really fit with what I wanted to do, and all the teachers were so nice," she said.

Graphics involves a lot of computer work. "We do a little illustration, and thumbnails for the layouts on the computer. We learned Photoshop, and editing images, and we learned Illustrator how to vector things and makes images themselves. In design, we learned how to set up a page layout. Right now, we're learning photography. That's what I've been looking forward to since I came here, so I'm excited for that," she said.

The daughter of Leon and Donna Henry, she said her class of under 20 students "is like a family we've spent the last three years together."

Henry is happy to have been part of the CCTI experience.

"I'd recommend people come to CCTI because everyone gets along up here," she said.