To celebrate the end of the school year and tie in their science curriculum , Stephanie Clark's second grade class at Panther Valley Elementary School performed a musical variety show called "Dinostars". The students performed the play, incorporating facts about dinosaurs through songs, dances, and jokes. The members of the "Dinostar" cast are Giavanna Cellini, Jaiden Cesanek, Rhyannon Covell, Santino Dalessio, Thomas Edwards, Gerald Exner, Nicolas Henninger, Jatavia Johnson, Molly Jones, Autumn Koons, Brittany McLaughlin, Olivia Murphy, Kya Norwood, Kirstin Philipovich, Tristian Sotomayor-Urso, Brianna Stackhouse, Cornelius Staehle, Logan Stilitino, Elizabeth Surotchak, and Joshua Zagata.