Doctors sued

Christopher and Michelle Johnson, 1235 Spruce St., Johnstown, has filed a civil complaint against John Manzella, D.O., the Manzella Family Healthcare, Edward D. Manzella, M.D., Victor Manzella, M.D., all of 1353 SR903, Jim Thorpe, Penn Forest Township.

The filing states that the action is a professional liability claim for treatment of Mrs. Johnson. All the defendants are brothers, the suit notes.

The suit states on July 1, 2009, John Manzella began treating Mrs. Johnson for a variety of health problems, most notably her anxiety and depression. At the time, the suit notes, he was also treating Mr. Johnson and two children.

The suit alleges on the third office visit John Manzella coerced Mrs. Johnson into a sexual relationship with him. The suit claims they had sex and other inappropriate sexual contact on multiple occasions from September to December 2009. Other allegations of impropriety include the prescribing of certain medications.

The suit also charges that it is believed that the nursing staff and office staff knew of the inappropriate actions and reported it to the other brothers, who did nothing about it, the suit further alleges.

The suit seeks damages for negligence, recklessness and outrageous conduct among other allegations. Damages in excess of $50,000 is sought on each of 11 counts plus other damage claims.