It was an 85th reunion celebration for the George family and the first that was treated more importantly. After the 80th it was decided that every fifth one should be special. This year's event, as have all of the recent reunions, was held at the Palmerton Rod and Gun Club with 61 in attendance.

Jerry and Emily George, with the help of LeRoy and Richard E. George, put a pig on to roast at 3 a.m. It was brought to the Rod and Gun Club before it was carved for serving.

Following lunch, prizes were awarded in many categories with the oldest and youngest getting prizes. Marie Burger thought it was time for someone else to be eligible for prizes since the same people won year after year.

So after the usual category winners were determined, she added the person who had the most patriotic clothing, smallest pocketknife, oldest coin (a 1900 silver coin won) and the person with the most buttons on their shirt or blouse.

Bingo was played in the afternoon with food items or crafts for prizes. There were cakewalks for kids and cakewalks for adults. The kiddie cakewalk was free. The Chinese auction tables were filled.

Adrienne Burger made and donated the centerpieces which were given away with the door prizes.

People were urged to wear hats, preferably old-styled ones. Among those who did were Linda George, Eva Bittermann, Shirene George, Virginia George, Adrienne Burger, Betty Bittermann with baby Magdalena, Billy Bittermann, Josie George, Doris Kressley, Robert Kressley and Oliver Kressley.

Merritt and Virginia George stocked a memorabilia table. Merritt is a past president of the reunion committee.

Special wooden spoons were made for the 85th celebration. There is a large G for George with a distelfink. Under that, where the spoon-bowl joins the handle is the word Yearick - German for George.

These were offered for sale and will be valued mementos in those homes to which they go as they are passed down through the generations.

This year's officers are Betty Bittermann, president; Linda George, vice president; Marie Burger, secretary; Shirene George, treasurer; Charlotte Hunt, historian.