The Doc and Leah, of Penn's Peak Radio, had a guest to look up to on their show "The Daily Bump and Grind" July 13.

From Redondo Beach, Calif., Amazon Eve, the world's tallest model according to Guinness' Book of World Records, stands at 6'8" at her tallest.

"The people at Guinness measured me three times a day because you actually shrink as the day goes on," said Eve.

Before officially becoming the tallest model in the world, the multitalented, amazing Eve dabbled in many different areas such as theater, martial arts and law.

"There are only two things you need in life: law and Kung Fu," said Eve.

Eve is well versed in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Kung Fu and Taekwondo, among others. She is also a boxer and wrestler.

Eve has also worked as a paralegal and has completed some law school at UCLA.

It wasn't until 2009 when her career took off after being discovered by Zoo Weekly, an Australian magazine for men. Since then, she has appeared in over 180 publications in over 20 different countries.

Presently, Eve models for Big and Tall clothing companies such as Sarah Vain and Tall, Long and Tall Sally's, Barefoot Tess and All About Eve.

"They (All About Eve) couldn't have asked for a better match," said Eve, noting that the store's name is the same as hers.

As for what's next, the model will be going back to her theater major routes. She will be starring in a new reality TV show about her life.

"It's the opposite of Little People, Big World," said Eve.

She also plans to go back to law school in the future, but until then Eve will keep on dreaming big.