Slatington resident Andrew Lopez received a water bill from the Borough in the amount of $3,548. Lopez bought a home three years ago and never received a bill for water from the Borough. He thought that water was included with his taxes.

Lopez intends to pay the bill, but would like the Borough to come to some agreement as to how much he owes and also agree upon a repayment schedule, since he has been receiving conflicting information.

Councilwoman Kris Burek asked him to come to the next water and sewer meeting where she and committee members would sit with Lopez and work out the details.

A recent request for applicants for the position of Animal Control Officer brought three candidates to the meeting to offer their qualifications. Two of the three do not have formal experience, but are animal lovers and said that they have always been involved on some level with animals and animal rescue.

Donna Crum, the first applicant to speak had a full resume of animal-related experience and certifications including a degree in criminal justice that concentrated on animal law. After relating her skills and experience Councilwoman Kris Burek said, "I'm blown away with your talent and skills, so why do you want this job, when it pays so little?" The appointment pays $200 per month.

Crum said most of the work she already does with animals is volunteer work. Crum added that a lot of people take the job who don't really want the job. "I'm all about the animal," she said. "Networking is the key to any kind of animal rescue." Solutions can happen and do happen, she said.

Crum asked if Slatington had a large problem with animals. Police Chief, David Rachman, said what's lacking is someone who can follow-up on cruelty problems and care for the animals once they are captured.

Crum was asked about her availability, she said she could be available whenever there would be animal problem in Slatington. She also cited several situations that she was involved in when a crisis developed, including the situation when Martha Stewart's dog, Ghangis Khan, died in a Kennel explosion in Lehighton in 2009.

Also vying for the position was Stephanie Pretzman, a stay at home mom who said she wanted the position because, "She likes animals more than people."

The Council attentively listened to the remaining candidates and said they would notify the selected candidate by phone. Kris Burek nominated Crum and Councilman Dan Stevens also voted, "yes."

Crum lost the appointment by the three "No, votes cast by Galen Freed, Bryon Reed and Russ Hallman.