'Ghost Detectives', a paranormal reality television show featuring NEPA Paranormal, a group of paranormal investigators from Wilkes-Barre, will focus on the Tamaqua Elks Lodge and its paranormal history during one of its series shows to appear late tonight.

A few weeks ago, the investigative crew and cast of NEPA Paranormal spent a of couple nights investigating all floors of the building, placing surveillance equipment, sensors, detectors, thermometers, recorders and other equipment in all rooms of the building. In all, they documented and recorded more than 300 hours of sound or video. They also spent time interviewing people who've witnessed unexplained events.

Elks member Donette Miller stated that she heard crackling sounds in the walls. Another long-time Elks member, Rusty Nelson, mentioned that he hears unexplainable noises all the time. Nelson also pointed out that he was locked in one of the upstairs rooms twice, one of which unlocked itself.

The "Ghost Detectives" show was formed as a collaboration between Mr. Lee Moon and NEPA Paranormal, which are both paranormal teams in Northeastern Pennsylvania. NEPA Paranormal has been featured on National Television shows (Travel Channels "Ghost Adventures" and The Animal Planets "The Haunted") as well as published in the magazine Paranormal Underground.

The crew of the show film and produce all of their own material, while their editor, Jeff Crawford, presents it.

On the shows website, their philosophy is stated, "We believe nothing comes easy and with hard work anything is possible. We not only want to investigate the paranormal but also be innovators by using various investigative techniques not seen before."

The Ghost Detectives also utilize state-of-the-art equipment, developed by Bob Christopher, co-founder and lead investigator of NEPA Paranormal.

The show will appear late tonight on FOX 56 Saturday Morning at 1 a.m.. Their shows and photos are also posted via their Facebook page and website www.ghostdetectives.tv.