Carbon County's retirement funds are doing well, county Controller Robert Crampsie reported Thursday.

The total disbursements for December came to $320,985.76, he said.

The county's portfolio value as of Dec. 31 was $62,724,999. "December ended up a very good month," Crampsie said. "We did see an increase of about $1.8 million."

The county retirement fund started the year off at $58,072, 417. Employee and employer contributions added $2,100, 014. Benefits and expenses paid totaled $4,403, 291 - "Definitely an all-time high in benefits that were paid out in 2010," he said.

"That gives us an adjusted beginning balance of $55, 769,140. Our market value at the end of the year is $62,724, 999. So we have a year-to-date change in market value of about $6,955,859, that equates to a rate of return of 12.47 percent," Crampsie said.

"All in all, it was a very positive year for retirement and performance in the portfolio," he said.

He said the retirement portfolio has done very well for the past two years.