After the homeowner reported smelling something burning, firefighters from Coaldale, Tamaqua, and Lansford responded to a house fire at 42 W. Howard Ave. in Coaldale yesterday evening around 6:30 p.m.

When firefighters arrived, they found the homeowner ripping away at his floor and wood pellet stove. They quickly removed the heavy stove and after ripping out parts of the wood floor, extinguished smoldering hot spots.

"The family was lucky it happened during the day, when the family was awake," Chief Richard Marek stated.

A neighbor and witness on the scene stated that most people don't know to buy a protective floor pad when using a pellet stove and wondered why the stove manufacturers don't provide them with their stoves.

Lansford and Coaldale fire companies remained on scene for the duration.

Lansford Ambulance also responded. Coaldale Fire Police directed traffic around the scene.

No serious injuries were reported.