The Christian Ladies' Luncheon Group of Salem United Methodist Church, 4145 Forest Inn Road, Palmerton, met on Saturday, Dec. 11 at the Schnecksville Diner in Schnecksville to celebrate the holiday season.

But there was a sad note in their Christmas song when they accepted President Verda Scheetz's resignation.

Verda has been the heartbeat of the organization with her leadership abilities and her talent and love of cooking and baking.

In 2006 Verda was urged by the Salem UMC women to restart the Luncheon Group formerly led by Julianne Heiney.

She accepted the challenge with enthusiasm and purpose. She visualized the women having fellowship and fun with the purpose of helping the church, financially, by praying and serving fundraising dinners.

Verda was successful on all counts. The women were delighted to get together in the church on the second Saturday of the month to enjoy Verda's homemade luncheons.

One year she prepared and served an entire Thanksgiving dinner for them.

The meetings were of a more serious nature. The group's desire has always been to help the church financially. Several successful public dinners were prepared and served by the ladies.

There is also a stronger relationship among the women of the church. Now they are praying that one of their members will come forward to fill the vacancy left by Verda.