On his last day on the Schuylkill County bench, Judge Michael D. Stine signed an order granting a belated Christmas gift to a Frackville restaurant.

Ristorante Paparazzi Inc., which operates a restaurant/bar/ night club at 47-40 N. Lehigh Ave., Frackville, filed an appeal a few weeks ago from a ruling by the Pennsylvania Liquor Board which refused to renew its amusement license.

The board objections were from complaints received about excess noise emitting from the premises from a loud speaker for which it had received two citations. It also had been cited by serving alcoholic beverages to minors.

The licensee claimed it had made corrections to curtail the noise through renovations in the restaurant. Stine handed down a decision on Jan 3, his day of retirement from the county judicial bench, directing the license be restored.

When an appeal is filed to court the court hear's the mater de novo and renders its own finding of fact and conclusion of law.