West Penn Township appointed officials at the supervisors' reorganization meeting Monday:

*Fire Chief:Dennis Fritzinger Jr.

*Assistant Fire Chief: Kevin Mengel

*Assistant Fire Chief: Clint Schock

*Vacancy Board Chairman: Harry Barron

*Emergency Management Coordinator: Dennis Fritzinger Jr.

*Assistant Emergency Management Coordinator: Kevin Mengel

*Earned Income Tax, Occupational Privilege Tax and Delinquent Tax Collector: Berkheimer Associates

*Property Maintenance Appeals Board: Theodore Bogosh and Delroy Haas

*Planning Commission: Bob Beck, Herb Woodring, Roseanne Georgiades, John Wickizer, Dean Meiser

*Zoning Hearing Board: Tony Prudenti, Larry Dubetsky and James Dean (alternates: Charles Schroding, James Tierney)

*Park Commission: Marlin Zehner, Dennis Kabana, Blaine Seip, Walter Fritz, Scott Dietrich, Bruce Zehner, Darryl Fritz, Robert Neumoyer, Paul Barth

Chairman appointments:

*Financial Affairs: Larry Wittig, Michael Fegley, Alfonso Martinez

*Personnel and Employee Relations: David Zeigler

*Police department: Alfonso Martinez

*Road Crew: Alfonso Martinez and James Akins

*Open Records Manager/FEMA: David Zeigler

Supervisors meetings will continue to be held the first Monday of each month at 7 p.m.