Dial-a-Devotion speakers for December are: Sunday, Ken Leffler; Monday, Jenny Keiper; Tuesday, Shirley Stamm; Wednesday, Betty Power; Thursday, the Rev. Robert vonFrisch; and Friday, Jean Mertz.

Call (610) 377-1612 24 hours a day for an inspirational message.

Dial-a-Devotion is ministry LIFE (Lehighton Interfaith Fellowship).

Students of the Month

Mrs. Sherry Sernak, principal of Ss. Peter and Paul School, Lehighton, has announced December Students of the Month: early childhood, Noel Kalbach; preschool: Dante Kalbach; kindergarten, Anthony Macario-Chaikalis; first grade, Evelyn Ahner; second grade, Benjamin Slaw; third grade, Elliott Roberti; fourth grade, Drew Lorenz; fifth grade, Tatiana Gonzalez and Caleb Kovach; sixth grade, Bryce Smith and Mary Grace Wilhelm; seventh grade, Miguel Gonzalez and Nola Barilla; and eighth grade, Joseph Bradley.