Local responders and staff members at St. Luke's Miners Memorial Hospital in Coaldale were recognized for their yeoman's work during last month's flooding at the hospital.

A water main break outside the rear parking lot of the hospital sent water rushing across the ground floor of the hospital while staff, fire companies, water authority, borough workers and others responded to stop the water as well as lessen the damage it was causing. During the flooding, hospital staff were seen stuffing lab coats and other items in the seams of doors to prevent the water from getting into rooms.

Also, staff members continued to care for patients while also packing boxes, office supplies and moving items to dry areas.

"Whatever needed to be done, they did," said Andrea Visnosky Hahn, St. Luke's director of marketing/public relations. "Many staff members stepped up and went beyond what they had to do."

Since then, hospital staff have adapted by temporarily moving affected services to other areas of the hospital.

"While our hospital holds emergency preparedness drills, we hope to never implement what we practice. We did," said William Moyer, president. "Having the right people and procedures in place, with the support of our network, was crucial to getting us back on our feet. Our hospital is essential to our community and our community is essential to our hospital.

"With the help of our St. Luke's Miners staff, St. Luke's Hospital & Health Network team, Lansford/Coaldale Joint Water Authority, Coaldale Fire Company, Coaldale Police Department and many others who worked diligently and tirelessly, we were able to restore services in a matter of mere days, some in mere hours. It is with great pride that I say we are fortunate to be a part of this community," Miller said.

"I want to thank our patients for their support, loyalty and patience during our recovery," he added. "And I thank them for their continued patience as we move forward with improvements at our hospital."

An appreciation day was held Monday at the hospital in gratitude of all who helped during the flood.