At long last, Northern Lehigh School District administrators have an impressive new facility to call home.

The school board met on Monday for the first time in its new two-story complex built at the front of the building that houses its district administration offices.

Board President Edward Hartman greeted the sparse crowd in attendance to the new facility.

"Welcome to our brand new meeting room," Hartman said. "All of you people are responsible for this."

Superintendent Michael Michaels said he couldn't be more pleased with the new setting.

"It's beautiful," Michaels said. "It will improve the educational processes for the next 40 years."

The administration offices are a component of a $21.5 million renovation project at Slatington Elementary.

The plan has allowed for the elementary offices to be relocated to the first floor entrance; the new two-story complex to be built at the front of the building for its district's administration offices; former modular offices to be removed; and direct public access to be provided to district administration offices without requiring access to the school.

The school will maintain its grade 3-6 configuration, and also add six classrooms to address space concerns. Also, the plan will reconfigure open concept classrooms into individual classrooms, and construct an addition to house the third grade. In addition, the gymnasium will remain in its current location; a movable partition will be added for program flexibility; the existing locker area will be modified to increase gym seating capacity; and secure community access will be provided.

Constructed in 1971, the building was the last of four in the district to have undergone renovation work.

In other business, the board:

- Approved the following cocurricular appointments for the 2011-12 school year:

- Susan Bachman, elementary scholastic scrimmage, $435

- Christopher Barnes, middle school newspaper adviser, $455

- Susan Bowser, middle school Junior National Honor Society adviser, $138 (shared $414)

- David Carroll, senior high band adviser, $4,711, and middle school band director, $689

- Elizabeth Chunko, sophomore class adviser, $631

- Scott DeLong, debate adviser ($1,379), and National Honor Society ($492)

- Rick Eckhart, middle school National Honor Society adviser, $138 (shared $414)

- Renee Evans, senior high school fall intramurals, tennis, $805, senior high student council, $2,067, SADD adviser, $552

- Kimberly Fillipovits, middle school yearbook adviser, $805

- Tammy Fristick, senior class adviser, $631

- Jason Graver, middle school National Honor Society adviser, $138 (shared $414)

- Babette Guss, senior high yearbook, $2,397

- Todd Herzog, senior high spring intramurals - weightlifting, $805, senior high fall intramurals, $805

- Stephen Hluschak, senior high winter intramurals - weightlifting, $805

- Mark Hoffman, middle school spring intramurals - weightlifting, $805

- Sharon Hunsicker, senior class adviser, $631

- Patricia Ingles, sophomore class adviser, $631

- Andrew Kern, middle school web page adviser, $403

- Lora Krum, elementary chorus, $589

- Michael Lehtonen, senior high winter intramurals - winter track, $805

- Alice Lieberman, Academic Challenge Eight adviser, $435

- David Oertner, senior high fall intramurals - basketball, $805

- Michelle Raber, middle school fall intramural net sports, $805, middle school spring intramural net sports, $805, middle school winter intramural CPR, $805

- Rachel Reiter, middle school chorus adviser, $689, senior high chorus adviser, $1,724

- Maryanne S. Mattiola, freshman class adviser, $625

- Candice Saville, junior class adviser, $631

- Angela Shoemaker, junior class adviser, $631

- Stephen Shuey, freshman class adviser, $625

- Joseph Tout, senior high spring intramurals - weightlifting, $805, senior high winter intramurals - weightlifting, $805

- Denise Turoscy, scholastic scrimmage adviser, high school, $805, newspaper adviser, high school, $1,811

- Randall Utsch, majorette/band adviser, $2,067

- Camille Vernarr, elementary band adviser, $785

- Charles Weigold III, senior class play adviser, $1,467, senior high musical director, $2,760

- Amy Zeiser, middle school student council adviser, $1,244