A large metal vent cap was blown off the roof of the former Panther Valley Middle School in Lansford by high winds Thursday, almost hitting a teenager who was walking past the building.

Lansford Police Chief John Turcmanovich said a young man came in to the police station at about 2:05 p.m. to report the incident.

"The kid said he was walking past when the chimney cap landed right alongside of him. He was a little shook up," Turcmanovich said.

"The caps were looked at in the middle of winter for safety but the winds picked one from its anchoring point," said the building's owner, borough council president Adam Webber. "The cap struck the ground in front of the building on the Bertsch Street side. The cap fell on the building side of the fence."

Turcmanovich contacted Code Enforcement Officer Katheryn Labosky, and they went over to investigate. They found the cap, which Turcmanovich described as about four-feet-by-four-feet, lying near the front entrance to the building.

Turcmanovich said Labosky contacted Webber, who on Friday said the vent caps were scheduled to be repaired as weather permits in early May. Webber was on the roof of the building for several hours Friday to check the other caps. He said he was removing any questionable ones.

"The others that are still in good shape will have an added tether strap added securing it to the chimney just for added safety," he said. There are currently four of the caps on the building. Three on the south side, one is in middle of building and the other two more on the west side. The other one on east side middle of building, Webber said.

Efforts to reach Labosky were unsuccessful.