Motorists are being permitted to travel a rain-damaged East Penn Township Road, but with a caveat. Hollow Road was closed last week after recent heavy rains washed out drainage pipes, causing sink holes to appear. The road has since been temporarily repaired and re-opened, but bright yellow signs warn drivers that they travel at their own risk. The damaged area is about two-tenths of a mile from Route 895. A township official said Thursday that the municipality was waiting for permits from the state Department of Environmental Protection in order to repair the road so it can be opened. DEP spokesman Mark Carmon said the type of permit would depend on the location, the size of the project and whether there are sensitive waterways or wetlands involved. The road will have to be closed while permanent repairs are made, but the two residents who live along Hollow Road will both have access to their homes, the official said. The area experienced a deluge on March 10, with some areas getting about 4 inches of rain. The heavy rainfall flooded basements and roads, forcing state Route 895 between Hollow and Berger Creek roads in East Penn Township to close.