The 2010-2011 Marian Catholic Student Council was inducted at a special Student Council Mass, which was held recently at the high school.

Inducted into the student council were Cathleen Cataldo, president; Katelyn Collevechio, vice president; Victoria Vadyak, secretary; and Alexa Nemeth, treasurer.

In addition to the student council officers, class officers are:

Seniors: Christine Valente, president; Taylor Mele, vice-president; Audrey Maff, secretary-treasurer.

Juniors: Anthony Pilla, president; Anthony Damiano, vice-president; Joanna Butala, secretary-treasurer.

Sophomores: Jessica Horlacher, president; Dylan Quirk, vice-president; Tiffany Grutza, secretary-treasurer.

Homeroom representatives are: Kaycee Gutsie, Rachel Krajcirik, Eric Petterson, Tierney Sugrue, Nicole Bechtel, Brendan McGowan, Katie Smulligan, Molly Balliet, Nick Kweder, Marykate Sherkness Jordan Weber

The student council adviser is teacher, Deborah Coles.