Several members of the Lewistown Valley Garden Club were awarded prizes during last month's Schuylkill County Fair.

In the Flowering Houseplant category, Mary Bridygham was awarded first place ribbons for a geranium, as well as for a wax begonia/single. Bridygham also took a first (jade plant) and a second place (any other) in the Foliage Potted Houseplant category.

Bridygham was the local big winner, earning additional prizes in the Specimens Flowers Annuals, Perennial, Bulbs-Tubers and Rhizomes categories. She earned a first place for a one stem Tiger Lily and a Sedum; second places for Celosia, Africa Lemon Marigold, Petunia, Pom Pom Zinnias, one stem Fever Few and a one stem Hosta; third places for an Africa Orange Marigold, one bloom large Zinnia, one bloom Butterfly Plant, and Decorative Dahlias, under four inches and from 6 to 8 inches.

Linda Leiby earned a second place ribbon for a one bloom Pom Pom Zinnia and a fourth place for a small one bloom Sunflower.

In the Artistic Arrangement section, Evelyn Adams placed first and Mary Bridygham earned second in the It's a Boy/Girl category. Dinner For Two: Evelyn Adams, first; June Leiby, second and Mary Bridygham, third place. Swag: Judy Kellner, first, Evelyn Adams, second and Mary Bridygham, third. Deer Hunting: Judy Kellner, second; and June Leiby, third place. Just For Kicks: Mary Bridygham, second place. A Sprinkle of Flowers: Mary Bridygham, first, Evelyn Adams, third and June Leiby, honorable mention.