Fifth gradestudents at the West PennElementary School had a chance to compete against each other during the school'sannual egg drop challenge held recently outside the school.Students were given a limited list of supplies to be used to prevent their eggs from breaking after being thrown off the school's roof. Nine students placed top in the egg drop challenge by each receiving a golden egg for preventing their eggs fromcracking. Topwinners pictured from back left are Michael Serrano, 12, Justin Frable, 11, Mitchell Miller, 11, Hanah Reed, 11, and Jacob Palmer, 10.Pictured from front left are Trinity Paul, 10, Hanah Stott, 11, Molly Clemson, 11, and Brandon Kemmery, 10. Fifth grade teacher TimGombar throws eggs off the roof while Fifth grade teacher Michelle Bittner drips one of many broken eggs that didn't survive the fall.