A Palmerton area resident has been cited by state police for incidents on property that allegedly does not belong to him.

Troopers said Travis William Kuntzman, 29, of Spruce Hollow Rd., was cited for destruction of survey monument and criminal trespass.

Troopers gave the following account of the incident.

Troopers said in the summer of 2008 Kuntzman allegedly began trespassing and riding his all terrain vehicle (ATV) on the property of Marjorie Meinhart, 77, of 2300 Spruce Hollow Rd. In the summer of 2009 Kuntzman built an ATV track on the property in which he used several dozen tires and hay bails to construct. Meinhart became aware of the track in the fall of 2009.

Meinhart hired Robert Beers to survey the property, troopers said. The property markers were later allegedly removed by the defendant. The victim again hired Beers to surey the property. Troopers said Beers then replaced the survey pins placing them in concrete to prevent them from being removed again. The victim hired Atty. Joshua Shulman to take legal action against Kuntzman.

Shulman sent Kuntzman two letters advising that he was trespassing and was required to remove the tires and hay bails from Meinhart's property. Both letters went unanswered, troopers said, and Kuntzman failed to remove any of the tires or hay bails.