The Barred Owl is a native of Pennsylvania and has its own defining set of characteristics.

To help outdoors and bird lovers identify this bird, the following is a list of facts about the Barred Owl, published by the Pennsylvania Game Commission.

Ÿ The Barred Owl is a wetlands bird, meaning that it lives in swampy conditions. It has a rounded head and large brown eyes.

Ÿ The bird can weigh up to two pounds and have a 44-inch wing span. From head to claw, it stands about 20 inches tall.

Ÿ The colors of the Barred Owl's feathers are gray-brown with white spots on its back. It has white or grayish underparts that are barred with buff or deep brown.

Ÿ This type of owl is the most vocal of all species in Pennsylvania. Its call is typically eight accented hoots that sound like "Who cooks for you, who cooks for you all?"

Ÿ Barred Owls lay two to four eggs that hatch in 28-33 days.

Ÿ They are opportunistic hunters, preying on anything from insects to lizards and small rodents to geese and herons.