Jim Thorpe police released their statistical report of activities for the month of April.

Arrests and citations issued for the month were as follows: one public drunkenness; two transportation of alcohol; 13 disorderly conduct; one each of confinement of dog, ordinance violation and permitting violation; four drivers required to be licensed; nine speeding; two each of expired registration, no insurance and prohibited parking.

Also, one each of driving under the influence (DUI), receiving stolen property and prescription fraud; two persistent disorerly conduct; one each of bad check and alcohol restrictions; three each of harassment, tobacco violation and misdemeanor bad check; 14 expired inspection; one each of general lighting, unregistered vehicle, obedience to traffic devices, meters, theft and indecent assault.

There were 10 criminal arrests, 52 traffic citations, 26 non-traffic citations, and two parking citations.