Local community members, borough council representative and staff of St. Luke's Miners Health Center and St. Luke's Sports & Rehabilitation were on hand Wednesday for the presentation of donated artwork to the new St Luke's Health Center and Sports & Rehabilitation Center located at 14 North Kennedy Drive (SR309) in McAdoo.

St. Luke's plans to adorn the walls with photos, and other memorabilia, of the McAdoo area. Donors also spent time explaining the history and stories behind their photos.

St. Luke's Miners Director of Marketing and Development Micah Gursky stated his appreciation to members the community for their generosity and their open arms welcome.

This location is St. Luke's Miners Hospital's ninth physical therapy location and third primary care health center. This location also serves as the first combination of both a physical therapy and health center. Gursky stated they are accepting new patients and the phone number for the center is 877-346-0357 and the center is open Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. During the welcoming, artist Vincent J. Labert and his wife Mary Lambert presented his artwork of the old McAdoo High School from 1932-1962. Artist John Artim presented his photography artwork of John "Jockey" Makowiec, McAdoo's Police Chief in the 1930s.