Fourth graders at Franklin Elementary School enjoyed the day away from school learning more about the close knit and hardworking Pennsylvania Dutch people who settled in this area.

The children spent a day at Franklin Fire Company where they enjoyed making apple sauce, apple dumplings, making crafts and learning how to make handmade quilts.

If you live in the Lehighton area and have the last name Ahner, Christman or Graver, it would be a sure guess that your ancestors were farmers who made their living raising crops and taking care of animals.

The Pennsylvania Dutch raised sheep and steers and corn and wheat and made their own clothes and most of their tools. Throughout the years, these thrifty people have come to be associated with ethnic dishes made with dried apples, clothing made from feed bags, chicken pot pie with homemade dumplings and ham with string beans and potatoes as having come from these frugal people.

As part of the day, the students made their own apple dumplings. They peeled the apples and rolled out the dough. They helped peel and cup up carrots and potatoes for the chicken pot pie and they learned how to tie knots to make old fashioned quilts that used to keep the Pennsylvania Dutch people warm at night.

Assisting were PTO moms and other volunteers.