Twenty-two dedicated employees of Mahoning Valley Nursing and Rehabilitation Center were recognized by Michael Mickey, administrator and CEO, during a "pinning" ceremony on Friday.

During the ceremony, Mickey stressed just how important their dedication was to the residents of the center.

"I'm here to thank you for all of your years of service," said Mickey.

Some employees came in on their day off to take part in the program.

"I meet a lot of people from all over," said Mickey. "Most of them say how hard it is to keep good employees."

Mickey said while other businesses may have a high turnover rate, the turnover rate at Mahoning Valley is low because of the good employees who care about the residents.

"You are the reason our residents smile," he said. "On behalf of the residents I thank you for your dedication."

Mickey said that the employees being honored for 30 years of service are there longer than he is.

"Mahoning Valley would not be what it is with out you," he said. "You are the ones who make it happen. We hope to see you around for a few more years."

Mickey presented pins to 30-year employees, Denise Klotz, Pearl Klotz, Nancy Muthard and Carol Weston. Also honored for 25 years were Diane Klotz and Marilyn Smith; 20 years, Elaine Althouse, Lauren Gower, Bridget Steigerwalt, Mary Beth Ovsak-Miller and Holly Rausch; 15 years, Lynne Goerlitz; 10 years, Samantha Drum, Debra Kistler and Sara White; and five years, Samuel Devan, Ella May Hibbler, Sarah Hottenstein, Harry Lewis, Danielle Mertz, Mary Norman and Debbie Kintz.