Carbon County officials recognize people who, through their talents and efforts, make the county a good place.

During the county commissioners' meeting Thursday, the board proclaimed the week of March 14 as 4-H week. Representatives from the organization were present at the event and gave each of the commissioners a gift for the proclamation.

Before presenting the recognition, Commissioner William O'Gurek, chairman, read the proclamation.

It states "The youth of Carbon County is one of the county's most valuable resources ... 4-H members contribute to environmental improvement, community service, food production and participate in programs that aid in youth development, health, nutrition, home improvement and family relationships.

"4-H youth apply leadership skills, acquire a positive self-concept and learn to respect and get along with people ... Therefore, the Carbon County Board of Commissioners proclaim the week of March 14-20, 2010, as '4-H Week in Carbon County' and urge all citizens to give recognition to the people involved in the 4-H program."

Commissioners O'Gurek, Charles Getz, and Wayne Nothstein, as well as county administrator Randall Smith, then each thanked the group for all of their efforts.

"These are kids that take responsibility," Nothstein said. "They are our future."

He also recognized the dedication the parents' have for the program as well; and noted about the 4-H auction that the group has annually.

"If you've never been to that 4-H auction you have to come and watch those kids show their animals in the ring. It is one of the nicest days."

Getz, who is a big supporter of the 4-H auction, echoed Nothstein's thoughts.

Smith said that it's nice to see all the youth involved in such a healthy activity.

The Carbon County 4-H program is a youth organization, for anyone age 8-18, that teaches girls and boys how to be leaders through projects that range from sewing and rocketry to traveling and raising livestock.