Shade Tree Commission Chairperson Louis Vermillion, who is also the current GAR Board Treasurer ,dedicated 16 shade trees in and around the Summit Hill GAR Cemetery during its rededication service over Memorial Day weekend. All of the trees were given by friends and family of the honored loved ones and are planted in locations along the western border that at one time was the hedge row as well as adorning the front White Street entrance to the cemetery.

Memorialized during the service were The John Stewart family by Elizabeth Harding, Joel, Helen and Wallace Kleckner by Joel Kleckner Jr., Jean Williams Strauss by Marilyn Strauss Leslie, Thomas and Thelma Malkin by Gretel Malkin, three trees in memory of the Davis family by the Pattie Davis McGrogan family, Harry and Amanda Miller family by Carol and Harry Miller.

Also, two trees were given in memory of Albert and Esther Vermillion by Jason Vermillion. Memorials were also made in memory of Albert and Esther Vermillion by Dr. Kenneth Vermillion, Edward and Lillian Hoppes and Louis and Della Vermillion by Dr. Louis Vermillion, Margaret Derby Gardiner and Mary Derby Forrest by Maxine Vermillion and William and Mildred Spayd by Lynda Spayd Zigmant.

Finally a tree was given in memory of the John Earley family by his six grandchildren and their families including the Betty Jane Harding and family, John E. Gormley and family, Bill Helmer and family, David Helmer and family, Mary Alice Lindsay and family and Linda Bergey and family.

Vermillion said additional trees were expected to be planted in the future and either he or a board member should be contacted by anyone wishing to sponsor a shade tree.