The Tamaqua Area High School and Middle School held their annual Science Fair and Art Show recently in the gymnasiums of both schools.

As you enter the Senior High School, hundreds of artworks filled the hallway. Various forms of artwork consisted of paintings, drawings, photography, paper crafts, ceramics, pastel paintings, and many more. Both the Senior High School and Middle School gymnasiums were filled with hundreds of science projects and great ideas involving science, chemistry, electronics, physics, agriculture, energy conservation, animals, insects, and so much more.

The winning team that placed first in during the Tamaqua Senior High School "Left Brain, Right Brain" Science Fair was the "Wagon vs Hovercraft" project created by freshman Tyler Butkus and Joey Franko who showed the difference between the power needed to move a wagon versus the power needed to move their hovercraft by building a hovercraft with only plywood, heavy tarp, foam, and a gas-powered leaf lower.