The 3rd Annual Panther Valley Boys Summer Basketball League will begin on June 2 with six games.

This year there will be 16 schools competing every Wednesday night throughout June and July.

The schedule is as follows:

Wednesday, June 2

5:30 - PV vs. Tamaqua (MS), Antietam vs. Palmerton (HS); 6:30 - Allen vs. JT (MS), Marian vs. Weatherly (HS); 7:30 - PV vs. Allen (MS), Antietam vs. N'western (HS).

Wednesday, June 9

5:30 - No. Lehigh vs. PV (MS), Tamaqua vs. JT (HS); 6:30 - Blue Mt. vs. Allen (MS), Mt. Carmel vs. M.A. (HS); 7:30 - No. Lehigh vs. Allen (MS), M.A. vs. PV (HS).

Wednesday, June 16

5:30 - PV vs. Antietam (MS), Weatherly vs. N'western (HS); 6:30 - JT vs. PV, Allen vs. Pottsville (HS); 7:30 - M.A. vs. Weatherly (MS); Antietam vs. Lehighton (HS); 8:30 - Allen vs. M.A. (MS); Marian vs. JT (HS).

Wednesday, June 23

5:30 - PV vs. Palmerton (MS), Lehighton vs. JT (HS); 6:30 - Palmerton vs. M.A. (MS), Antietam vs. JT (HS); 7:30 - PV vs. N'western (MS), Weatherly vs. Lehighton (HS). 8:30 - Antietam vs. Weatherly (MS), N'western vs. Marian (HS).

Wednesday, June 30

5:30 - Blue Mt. vs. M.A. (MS), Antietam vs. Tamaqua (HS); 6:30 - M.A. vs. Palmerton (MS), PV vs. Weatherly (HS); 7:30 - Blue Mt. vs. PV (MS), Antietam vs. JT (HS); 8:30 - Lehighton vs. Marian (MS), Weatherly vs. JT (HS).

Wednesday, July 7

5:30 - Mt. Carmel vs. PV(MS), Tamaqua vs. No. Lehigh (HS); 6:30 - Antietam vs. N' Schuylkill (MS), Minersville vs. N'western (HS). 7:30 - Mt. Carmel vs. No. Lehigh, Palmerton vs. Marian (HS). 8:30 - Antietam vs. Minersville (MS).

Wednesday, July 14

5:30 - PV vs. N'western (MS), No. Lehigh vs. JT (HS); 6:30 - PV vs. M.A. (MS), JT vs. Weatherly (HS); 7:30 - No. Lehigh vs. N'western (MS), Palmerton vs. Weatherly (HS); 8:30 - Shenandoah vs. Palmerton (MS), Lehighton vs. PV (HS).

Wednesday, July 21

5:30 - Pottsville vs. PV (MS), N'Schuylkill vs. N'western (HS); 6:30 - Shenandoah vs. JT (MS), Palmerton vs. M.A. (HS); 7:30 - PV vs. N'Schuylkill (MS), N'western vs. Minersville (HS); 8:30 - Shenandoah vs. Lehighton (MS), Marian vs. JT (HS).

Wednesday, July 28

5:30 - Antietam vs. No. Lehigh (MS), N'western vs. M.A. (HS); 6:30 - PV vs. Weatherly (MS), No. Lehigh vs. Pottsville (HS); 7:30 - PV vs. Shenandoah (MS), JT vs. N'western (HS); 8:30 - Shenandoah vs. Marian (MS), Antietam vs. Lehighton (HS).