Carbon County adult and juvenile probation officials are a few of many recognized this week during the national Probation, Parole, and Community Supervision Week.

During the county commissioners' meeting on Thursday, the board of commissioners adopted a proclamation proclaiming July 18 through July 24 as a time to honor the men and women who "work in partnership with community agencies and groups and provide services, support and protection for victims ... (as well as) promote prevention, intervention and advocacy."

Commissioner William O'Gurek, chairman, said Carbon County is one of many counties adopting the proclamation.

He thanked the officers who make a difference in the county by serving as a guiding light to the misguided youths and adults in the community.

"Thank for the job you do," O'Gurek said. "It certainly is a crucial part of the court system and the county appreciates your efforts and the the efforts of your staff."

Roberta Brewster, county court administrator; Ronald Kokinda, chief of adult probation; and James Dodson, chief juvenile court officer, accepted the proclamation.

The proclamation states that "Probation, Parole, and Community Supervision Week is a time to recognize and celebrate the dedicated and caring individuals in the community who work tirelessly to make neighborhoods safer and more vibrant places to live and raise families and work to give offenders a second chance and be productive members of society."

In other matters, Commissioner Charles Getz asked county solicitor Michael Ozalas to look into the possibility of creating a special fund for the remaining money the county obtained through the sale of Weatherwood.

Getz said he would like to see a fund set up so that the money from the sale would be spent on frivolous things.

What he envisions is that the interest of the deposit would be accessible to county officials for use on projects, but the initial deposit would remain in a secured account.

Ozalas said he would look into the request and see if it could be done.

Carbon County received $11.05 million from Guardian Elder Care of Brockway for the former county nursing home. The sale was finalized at 11:59:59 p.m. June 30, as Carbon County relinquished its ownership and Guardian began operations.

Of the total received through the sale, Carbon County has paid broker costs and other fees associated with the sale; and will soon pay Weatherwood employee sick, vacation and personal time for days they earned while serving as county employees. Carbon County's general fund will also be reimbursed for the multi-million dollar loan officials sent up to Weatherwood over the last year.