On Jan. 12, the cadets of the Panther Valley JRTOC Battalion participated in their annual inspection as mandated by the Department of the Army. The purpose of the inspection is to determine whether the cadet corps host school and instructors are meeting and maintaining the established standards, and to reward those that exceed the program standards. Cadets were graded upon their curriculum knowledge, personal appearance, and the organization of the cadet paperwork. The battalion staff, consisting of 10 cadets, briefed the inspectors from Lehigh University Senior ROTC, as well as Panther Valley School District Superintendent, Rosemary Porembo and the high school principal, George Gillespie. The cadets were able to obtain an outstanding score of 99.2 percent. This inspection will help the Panther Battalion to maintain their level of merit as an Honor Unit with Distinction. Six cadets were recognized for their outstanding achievement during the inspection and received a unit coin from LTC Eric Walker. Pictured are front row, cadets M. Kerr, G. Dancek, C. Smith. A. Shubeck. C Digilio, and K. Colburn. Back row are SPT Carter, MSG Alford, LTC Walker, and CPT Boer.