Dear Editor:

Can you help me put a name to this?

My U.S. Representatives, Paul E. Kanjorski, recently sent out a bulk mailing of a form letter expressing his "concern" for senior citizens who will not get a cost of living adjustment to their Social Security benefits.

He wrote also that he has co-sponsored a bill to correct this.

He "hopes" that the House "will consider this bill in the near future." [Comforting.]

On the other hand, he is prepared to vote for a so-called "health care" bill that would cut $500 billion from Medicare and, more importantly, adversely impact senior citizens' health care in several ways for the rest of their lives.

Senior citizens can find a way to deal with the loss of COLA adjustment, but can someone tell me how they would deal with a health care system for which much of the cost will be recovered by taking care away from seniors.

And worse, sets up a government bureau which will tell his or her physician what care is to be denied on the basis of advancing age?

I asked Rep. Kanjorski to explain this, but he has not yet answered me.

A.C. Santore