At Walnutport's regular meeting of council held Thursday night council passed a new burn ordinance and accepted Livengood Excavator Inc.'s bid for the drain work and blacktopping that needs to be done to Lehigh Gap Street because of damage due to storm water runoff. The drain work will be done now, and the blacktopping will wait until the spring.

Councilman Matthew Newhard reminded everyone that recycling will be picked up this coming Tuesday. Recycling will be picked up every other week from now on in an effort to cut costs. Newhard wanted to reiterate that the Borough of Walnutport does not make money off of garbage collection.

Newhard also said that he will be scheduling a meeting of the Centennial Committee, which will be coming to an end soon. They still need to decide what to do with what funds they've collected. The committee is thinking of donating their remaining mugs to the Diamond Fire Company for the upcoming Four County Fireman's Parade. Newhard said that the Centennial Committe will probably remain intact until the end of the year.

In other business, David Lear, of the Walnutport Playground Association, asked Council if Walnutport's softball teams can continue using the Walnutport Playground's building for indoor batting and pitching practice, which they've been doing for about the last five years.

"We don't want to hinder any improvements to the building," Lear said. "It was good for the girls. It was good for the program. It will be a shame to lose it."

President William Turk said that the borough's insurance company recommended not using the building as a batting facility. The rates would definitely go up. Council discussed possibly erecting a pole barn building in the area of the tennis courts, which are not included in the plans for the park's improvements.