With the coming of the new year, Carbon Builders Association installed new officers and reinstalled board members for 2010 at the January meeting held at Platz's Restaurant, Franklin Township.

Installed as president was Jake Arner of Arner Developments. Vice president is Mike Troutman of T and T Contracting.

Installing officer was Pennsylvania Builders Association Past President Gene Kreitzer.

Also installed as board members were Ned Biege of Palmerton Garage Doors, Andy Pisulak of Palmerton Lumber and Steve Ohl, of R.F. Fuel Oil.

Arner spoke out that members need to be concerned about zoning issues under discussion in local communities because some new ordinances under discussion could have far-reaching effects on building in the future.

Arner said that a zoning ordinance under discussion in Jim Thorpe could prevent lot holders from ever building homes on their property due to stringent requirements that regulate tree cuttings. He noted that if the ordinance passes, lot owners would be required to secure permits to cut down trees on wooded lots where their home or sewage systems would be placed.

Arner also noted there is a "domino effect" because when one community passes an ordinance, other communities copy the ordinance and adopt it, without realizing the effects it has on the people living in their community.

"It could have far-reaching effects," noted Arner.

Arner said that during his term as president he hopes to help lead the Carbon Builders to success and to opening up more jobs in the community.