Mickey and Larry Padora are becoming media celebrities and the humble building at 122 North Railroad Street is a tourist attraction.

The Tamaqua Italian Bakery and its two bread bakers were featured recently on a special television segment produced by Fox 41 in Louisville, Ky.

The segment was titled: Italian bread the old fashioned way. It began by stating: "In the small mountain town of Tamaqua, Pennsylvania, the Padora family is getting up close and personal with 250 pounds of bread dough. So begins another day like all days since The Italian Bakery was built in the 1890s."

The Padoras also appeared on a segment of WNEP-TV's "On the Pennsylvania Road with Mike Stevens." In addition, Padora's Italian Bakery has a presence on the Internet via a YouTube video, plus a page on the popular Facebook social network site. The YouTube video, alone, has received over 6,000 hits. The place is often visited by students and educators.

The bakery recently hosted a class from the state of Washington, studying Old World customs.