Students in the Jim Thorpe will soon benefit from an Enhancing Education Through Technology (EETT) grant submitted by Jerome Brown, director of technology for the district, under Title II, Part D of No Child Left Behind. Michael Huber, a member of the Jim Thorpe Area School District Board of Education and chair of the board's curriculum committee, gave the board the good news during its meeting Monday evening.

The one-year grant, worth $64,397 to the district, was awarded through a competitive process where school district plans for the funds were compared to each other and the most promising visions received grants. According to the Pennsylvania Department of Education, the grant was funded based on scores and recommendations of teams consisting of four readers.

As a requirement for the grant, the district will send at least one administrator or instructional technology coach to a state training session related to EETT. Equipment purchased under the grant, which is expected to include new interactive white boards, is targeted for installation by Sept. 1.