Dear Editor:

I am very dismayed at Carbon Counties Tax Assessment System.

It is quite apparent that if you built in the 2000's you are taxed at a significant higher rate. As I have become more familiar with the area and the Carbon Counties web site, I have observed that homes that are larger and perhaps more elegant than mine are assessed much lower.

I did visit the Carbon County Assessor's Office, I asked how they calculated the assessment on my property, was there a formula I could use to attempt my own assessment. Well they definitely were not the least bit friendly or helpful. The young lady suggested I apply for a reassessment, she wished me good luck.

I do beleive I will take that route. Unfortunately there are many with similar circumstances. I think the Carbon County Assessor should take a look at the assessments and attempt to equalize them. After all taxation is what drives schools and governemt. But it should more equal.

Tom Cross

Penn Forest