The Carbon County Outdated Telephone Directory Program is now under way.

Until Feb. 19, elementary school students throughout Carbon County are competing to collect the most telephone books.

In addition to the students trying to collect the most, they are also trying to find the oldest dated phone book as well. In 2009, the oldest phone book was dated 1951.

Participating schools have sent information home with their students and are keeping track of how many phone books are brought in. After the program ends, the recycling office will tally up the numbers and pick up the phone books from the schools for recycling.

The top five collectors will each receive an award from Carbon County and a $100 savings bond. The savings bonds are being donated by the Jim Thorpe National Bank and the First National Bank of Palmerton.

In 2009, approximately 800 students participated, collecting 22,681 phone books.

Since the program's inception in 1996, students have collected over 275,000 books for recycling.

For more information, contact the Carbon County Department of Solid Waste or your local elementary school.