Revenue from deeds

Carbon County Recorder of Deeds Emmett P. McCall reported his office recorded 146 deeds, 203 mortgages and 528 other writs during the month of January.

As a result of those transactions, McCall turned over to the Carbon County General Fund the sum of $30,111.53. A breakdown of that revenue includes: transfer fees, $24,557; data processing fees, $2,860; notaries, $30; commission on transfers and writs, $1,710.53; and Affordable Housing administrative fee, $954.

McCall remitted $438.50 in state writ taxes to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Revenue, while Carbon County municipalities and school districts shared realty transfer tax disbursements totaling $83,797.48, the same amount that was forwarded to the state in realty transfer taxes.

McCall deposited $2,544 in the Recorder of Deeds Record Improvement Fund and $1,696 in the Carbon County Records Improvement Fund, these being fees assessed by state law on each transaction for records management needs. An additional $18,259.50 was collected and remitted to the state for its Judicial Computer System program.

Also, $5,406 was collected last month for the Affordable Housing Program in Carbon County.

In all, funds collected in the Recorder's office last month amounted to $226,050.49.

Prothonotary's report

A total of 289, cases were started in January in the office of Carbon County Prothonotary Joann M. Behrens, according to an annual statistical report released by the officeholder. A breakdown of the new cases is as follows:

Civil actions, 60; custody complaints, 24; district justice appeals, 6; divorce complaints, 13; ejectment, 2; eminent domain/declaration of taking, 2; license appeals, 2; mortgage foreclosure complaints, 39; municipal appeal, 1; protection from abuse petitions, 25; quiet title actions, 3; replevin complain, 1; court appointments, 6; auditor/financial reports, 2; court appointments, 6; judgments, 91; miscellaneous, 3; paternity, 1; stipulations/waivers of liens,1; and writ of exectuion, 1. The office staff also received and processed 79 applications for U.S. Passports.

Behrens' financial report shows $29,846.24 was generated as follows: prothonotary's fees, $25,046.84; PFA Surcharge, courts, $25; PFA Surcharge, Sheriff, $25; custody fees, $300; data processing charges, $4.449.40.

The prothonotary also remitted $3,743.30 to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Department of Revenue, representing state fees collected locally, and $72.80 to the Administrative Offices of the Pennsylvania Courts, this being surcharges on new custody cases in accordance with Act 119 of 1996. Another $1,060 deposited in the Prothonotary's Automation Fund for future use in automating the office.