Members of the Eldred Township Historical Association, ETHS, were humming, "Here Comes the Bride" at their last meeting.

Members and guests were invited to bring in anything wedding related for a special "Show and Tell."

Brenda Dorshimer, president of ETHS, brought in wedding portraits of her parents and her husband's parents. She also brought her own wedding album.

She held up a beautiful baptismal gown and told everyone how she made her first granddaughter's (Katelyn Heffelfinger) baptismal gown out of the skirt of her wedding dress. Her second granddaughter, Madison Dorshimer, also wore it. Brenda stitched their initials and the dates of their baptism in the dress, making it a treasured heirloom. Both granddaughters were present to help her display it.

Shirley Krum brought her wedding gown, hat/veil, gloves, purse, Linde Star necklace and earrings she wore for her 1979 wedding along with her two bridesmaids' gowns, cake knife, cake topper and dried flowers from her bouquet.

Michelle Kuehner displayed her parents' wedding picture, explaining that instead of a veil, her mother wore the white net hat worn by Mennonites. And even though she was a Mennonite, her mother's lovely white lace knee-length gown was the style of 1960, in comparison to that of her mother's parents portrait where her grandmother wore a brown dress. Michelle was married April 28, 1990 in a beautiful Scarlett O'Hara wedding gown. "It was exactly what I always wanted," she says.

Janet Gower was married March 1 in 1952. She brought in a picture of her and husband, Merlin and she wore a shell pink wedding gown.

"That was all the rage back then," she says.

She also talked about how she almost didn't get married. The day of the wedding, she locked herself in the bathroom and her father had to take the door off.

Helen Gower brought in a picture of her in-laws' wedding and that of her granddaughter, Michelle's. She shared with the group the handkerchief and corsage Michelle gave Helen on Michelle's wedding day.

Joyce and Bruce Gower were married on April 26, 1975 and Joyce brought in a picture of her wedding day. She is wearing a lovely gown handmade by her cousin who did all the beading on it as well.

Linda Koehler brought a large oval picture frame with a portrait of her grandparents, Reuben and Laura Smith, who were married on Aug. 2, 1913. She said her grandmother made her wedding dress out of gray satin material and had to wait to wear it until her brother could take her and Reuben to the minister's house to get married.

In other business: Benjamin Walbert has been hired by the ETHS as a consultant on how to go about restoring the old post office in Kunkletown.

ETHS received a $150 donation from the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of Constance Andrews as a Christmas gift in her name.

The Longaberger basket Bingo that was held in October 2009 was regarded as a success, thanks to Lenna Kuehner for a job well done and coordinating the event and as the basket consultant, and ETHS would like to thank all their sponsors and the people who made donations.

The next ETHS meeting will be on Tuesday, Feb. 16 at 7 p.m. at the Eldred Township Municipal building in Kunkletown. Constance Andrews will be sharing stories with the group. All are invited to attend.