The North Central Pa. Regional Sobriety Checkpoint DUI Taskforce and Expanded DUI/Underage Drinking Enforcement Program has released the following information from Roving DUI Patrols held this past weekend.

Details from a Jan. 29 patrol include contact made with 49 vehicles, with all being detained. Four operators were tested and two adults were cited for driving under the influence. Officers cited one motorist for a seat belt violation, made three criminal arrests and issued 16 traffic citations and 31 warnings. The patrol was conducted by four police officers representing four departments.

On Jan. 30, a total of 31 vehicles were contacted and detained, with no motorists tested or arrested for DUI. Officers issued 5 traffic citations, made 3 criminal arrests and issued 23 warnings. Three officers representing three departments participated.

Sobriety checkpoints and Roving DUI patrols will also be conducted through Feb. 7 on state routes 61, 183, 901, 209, 309, 443, 895, 125, 25, 924 and 54.

Travelers are reminded to dial 911 if they suspect a drunk driver.

To report underage drinking, call 1-888-UNDER21.

The sobriety checkpoints and Roving DUI patrols are funded through the state Department of Transportation and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).