Dear Editor:

The bell ringers are back, stronger than ever. You have to admire their courage to stand outside and brave the windy 27-degree weather and constantly ring that little bell, defying everything to serve a worthwhile cause.

Yes, even defying the American Civil Liberties Union who pursues any store that allows the bell ringers a warm place inside their front doors.

To this, me and many store managers are saying, "Bah Humbug!" Yes, in the past two weeks I have been in stores in Philipsburg, New Jersey, Allentown, Hazleton, Frackville and Pottsville, Pa. that have taken the humane approach and allowed the ringers to stand between the outer and inner doors of the store in a bit warmer atmosphere.

We can argue about this 'till the cows come home, but, ask the average passer-by and they too will agree "Bell Ringers" are not promoting any particular religion or sect, rather, they are gathering donations that are returned to society in humane situations after disasters strike. I think the public had better stand up and support this worthwhile cause. Oh, and did I forget to mention? In all my travels, it seemed it was only America's favorite store, Walmart that prohibited the ringers from being inside the front door! Sad, isn't it?

Yours truly,

Dick Gross,

Lehighton, Pa.