Jim Thorpe resident Robert Bilardo was airlifted to St. Luke Hospital's Bethlehem Campus Tuesday evening after sustaining injuries during an ill-fated hike on the Glen Onoko Falls.

Bilardo fell from a height of roughly 50 feet into the waters of the creek at the bottom of the falls, according to published reports. He struck his head upon impact, lacerating the right side.

Fellow hiker Kris Cozad called out for assistance, and was helped by John Spanogle, a trained EMT, and other hikers. The men on the scene called police around 2:30 p.m.

Spanogle attempted to warm Bilardo with skin to skin contact and the application of jackets, according to reports from the scene.

When the first team of emergency personnel arrived, Bilardo was awake, but unresponsive. His skin had a blue hue. The laceration on his head had begun to show signs of a hematoma.

At approximately 4 p.m., personnel from the main rescue team began extracting Bilardo. Roughly an hour later, the team reached the trailhead, where Bilardo was immediately transported to St. Luke's via PennStar helicopter.

Hospital staff at St. Luke's were unable to provide any updates to Bilardo's condition Wednesday morning.