Remnants of the nor'easter which huffed up the coast Sunday remained early this morning, even though our area was spared the heavy snow.

Black ice was blamed for four accidents on Route 902 between New Mahoning and Bugzie's Mountain.

In one accident, a car flipped onto its roof.

No injuries were reported.

During one accident which happened at about 6:30 a.m., another vehicle approaching it barely stopped in time. The driver applied the brakes and went into a spin, sending the SUV into the opposite direction.

Other minor accidents were reported – mostly due to black ice – throughout the region.

Yesterday, the most serious problems from the storm occurred in Kidder Township and on the Pennsylvania Turnpike where drifting caused several wrecks.

Heavy wind gusts at the height of the storm Sunday night were reported at over 40 miles per hour and yesterday, it was still blowing at over 30 mph, keeping street surfaces snow-covered despite the best efforts of road crews.

The National Weather Service is forecasting a warm-up this week, with temperatures hitting the upper 30s by Thursday, and into the 40s for Friday and Saturday.

Precipitation is likely by the weekend, but the balmy temperatures should keep it in the form of rain.