They worked up a sweat, used their imagination, and were read Christmas stories with family by their side.

It all added up to another successful Family Fun Night Thursday at the S.S. Palmer Elementary School, as pupils were joined by their parents to participate in various activities.

The pupils took part in gym activities, made clothespin reindeer, and had the "Polar Express" read to them.

Third grade pupil Shawn Gardner was among those fortunate enough to be read the popular Christmas story by instructor Pamela Storm.

"It's pretty cool," said Shawn, 8. "It's fun."

A few doors down in the school gymnasium, third grade pupil Colby Trexler was pushed around the gym as part of the Santa's Sleigh Ride competition.

"I think it's really cool," said Colby, 8.

The event was sponsored by S.O.A.R., a schoolwide positive behavior program, said Robert Palazzo, school psychologist.

Palazzo said S.O.A.R. stands for Safety first, Our responsibility, Always try your best, and to Respect yourself and others.

Aside from fun, Palazzo said the event offered a "great opportunity for families to come spend time with their children."

"It's a chance for families to come and do activities together that they might not do at home," Palazzo said. "It's about bonding, and seeing what the behavioral program is all about."