Two area residents were charged after Summit Hill police conducted a traffic stop.

According to police, on Aug. 29, at 1:23 a.m. police conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle with a loud exhaust system.

Upon making the stop officers smelled the odor of alcoholic beverages on the driver, later identified as Gemile Mehmeti, 23, of 645 E. Patterson St., Lansford.

Officers requested Mehmeti's driver's license and she stated that her license was at home. She provided police with her name and date of birth. As the investigation continued borough police were notified by Lansford police that the name that they had been given was actually the driver's sister's name and that Mehmeti had also been observed driving by Lansford police.

She was charged with making false reports to law enforcement; false identification to law enforcement; driving while operating privileges are suspended or revoked; drivers required to be licensed; and exhaust systems and noise control.

Her passenger, Jesse Becker, 24, of 415 N. Railroad St., Tamaqua, was also charged after police found plastic bags containing a controlled substance in his hands during the traffic stop.

He was charged with possession of a controlled substance.