When the grandkids live all around the country and they finally gather in one area, it's time for a priceless group photo. That's what John and Karen Mateyak of Tamaqua did when the family met in Lititiz, PA to celebrate the 40th birthday of John Mateyak, Esq. The Mateyak's Grandest Kids are: Front row, left to right, Anna and Allison Mateyak and Eric Dunaway. Back row, left to right: Lucy and Ethan Bruemmer, Courtney Dunaway and Mary E. Mateyak. The Mateyak girls are the children of John and Jody Mateyak of Lititiz. The Dunaways are the children of Dr. Stephen Dunaway and Dr. Maria Mateyak of Randolf, NJ. the Bruemmer children were visiting Tamaqua while their parents, Heather and David Bruemmer, moved their home from Idaho to Carlsbad, CA.