The Over 60 Club meets every third Tuesday of the month in the gym of the Palmerton Borough Hall at 443 Delaware Ave. Palmerton. And they're very grateful for the room.

But every third Tuesday of the month, the Over 60 Club had to battle being heard.

"It's got a pretty good echo in here and when you get a lot of people talking at the same time, it gets very noisy and loud," says Lucille Rex, the club's chaplain.

"Sounds just reverberate off the wood," says Angelo Cannarella, a member of the Over 60 Club.

The club had a sound system but it was destroyed when there was a leak in the roof. Rex made a request with Pencor Services, Inc. and the Palmerton-based company generously provided the club with new amplifiers, speakers and microphones.

The club held a dedication ceremony April 20 after Penn's Peak's audio engineer, Dale Miller, installed the system. Miller gave the club's new sound man, Cannarella, instructions and the club's president, Mary Brigham, began the ceremony and then the meeting.

No one had any trouble hearing her.

"We want to extend a great big 'Thank You' to Pencor," says Rex.

"We appreciate very much the donation to the Over 60 Club," says Cannarella.